Automotive Engineering B.Sc.

Our Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering is based firmly on mathematics and physics as fundamental knowledge, also with selected topics of automotive engineering and finally with entrepreneurial training.


The goal of the bachelor is to instruct profesionals with a new creative and positive attitude, so they are capable of generating new solutions for the challenges that are faced everyday in the automotive industry.


The Bachelor course is based on the viewpoint of the German educative system. 


“It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do” Moliere


"Creativity is intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein




“Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues” Confucius

Admission Requirements

Students who apply for the Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering must possess a High School degree (or comparable) and also fulfill the following requirements:


  • English Language (TOEFL minimum 480).
  • Physics and/or mathematics High School background.
  • Minimum High School’s final grade of 80/100.
  • Obligation to follow an honest, respectful and responsible behavior.
  • Commitment with the education approach of TU-Queretaro.
  • Pass the admission exam regarding: skills, background knowledge and English.

Degree content

The Bachelor course takes 9 semesters from which the last one is for the writing of the Thesis. Additionally an internship, a mini thesis and a social service to the community are compulsory to graduate.


At the moment, the detailed content of the topics are kept confidential. On demand the specifics of the subjects can be discussed personally at the German Institute TU Queretaro.


The theoretical knowledge is supported by internships and thesis offered by collaborating universities and/or companies that maintain a work relationship with the German Institute TU Queretaro. Additionally trainings in vehicular dynamics are offered, as well as CAE (Computer-aided engineering), MBD (Multi-body Dynamics) and CNC (Computerized Numerical Control). These trainings are essential for the understanding of the behavior of machines, mechanisms and components, how to assess its performance and how to improve them. Training is offered by experts in the topic trained in Germany.


Students will be supported and conducted so that their thesis can be used to create a Technical Paper. In this case the collaborative work of several students will be allowed for the creation of their thesis. The involvement of the student in the article will be organized by the academic personal, who will advise the student so the article can be presented in the corresponding international congress.


Compatible congresses:

SAE World Congress

ASME International Congress

LS-DYNA Conferences

Important Notes

  • The specialized courses and some of the social skill courses will be taught in English. It is the obligation of the student to have a TOEFL with 550 points by the end of the studies.
  • It is a compulsory requirement to graduate that the student finishes all courses, to deliver the small thesis, bachelor thesis, internship, social service and to pass the EGEL (Exámenes Generales de Egreso de la Licenciatura, CENEVAL, México).
  • It is not allowed the use of algebra-solving-capable calculators, formula sheets, cell phones, computers, tablets and any other communication/processing device during examinations. This can be only allowed under direct approval of the course lecturer.
  • The use of photography and video recording devices are restricted in the facilities due to confidentiality of the courses offered.

Graduate Student Profile

The goal of the bachelor is to train automotive engineers capable of working in engineering, R&D, manufacturing and sales within the automobile industry.


The automotive engineer will have the following features by the end of the bachelor:


  • Excellent technical knowledge and managing skills in the automotive industry
  • Professional experience in technology development projects and familiarity with international tasks
  • Problem solving expertise
  • Analytic, positive and questioning attitude
  • Scientific fundamental knowledge for developing new technologies in the automobile business
  • Experience in vehicle dynamics
  • Competent in giving presentations, sales, negotiations, as well as partnership establishment with companies and research institutes.
  • Leadership and team work proficient.
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