Electronics and Programming


In the automotive industry, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, including the development of new functions that influence safety, comfort, HMI (Human Machine Interface) and many other aspects.


Electronics and programming form an elemental part in the development of new vehicles. At the same time, carmakers have to prepare to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Today (2021) virtually any vehicle can be hacked without a cyber security system. Attacks that penetrate a system have major consequences for companies, including bankruptcy.


Another important point of electronics and programming, applications can be provided to an end customer just by making an update in your vehicle through software. For example, carmaker "X" offers seat heating at a higher price. If the customer does not initially want this configuration, it is not included in the price. When winter arrives and the customer changes his mind, he could activate the heating function in his seat by simply downloading a software and paying the respective price. This type of business is convenient both for the customer and for an automaker. That is, they sell "Apps" or small applications which can be very attractive and the customer configures the vehicle to his liking.


Currently, if one does not require a certain function, for example air conditioning, all this equipment would be missing in the vehicle. If an end customer would like to have air conditioning, he would have to re-equip the vehicle with the necessary hardware, which is time consuming, more expensive and rarely done.


For this reason we are including this section of electronics and programming that are closely related to the development of new technologies and especially with the development of new vehicles.


In the following sections we will be covering many topics from very basic electronics to new ADAS functions. This section will be in continuous development, so stay tuned on the progress and updates of the courses.



Advanced Driver Assistance Systems



ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


These systems can vary greatly in their specifications from automaker to automaker, but the result is basically the same.


With the electrification and development of automotive technology, ADAS has grown tremendously. The work and equipment at the OEMs in this area has exploded.


Why is ADAS so important?


ADAS is not only important for safety reasons, but also to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Another important aspect is to know which functions are appreciated by the end customer. Many carmakers have invested time, money and effort in developing new concepts, new safety methods, etc. that the customer is not willing to pay for.

All this translates into a great economic loss for an automaker.




Below you will find the ADAS PDF course.


05 ADAS.pdf
PDF-Dokument [946.2 KB]


Also known as DMM: Digital MultiMeter


The multimeter, also known as DMM (Digital MultiMeter), is a widely used tool for diagnosing problems.


With the multimeter you can perform basic measurements such as voltage, current, resistance and continuity.


The PDF course shows the application of the multimeter and how to measure voltage and current. It should be noted that depending on the reference point where the voltage measurement is made, the voltage measurement may be different.


For current measurement, the concept changes a little. It is necessary to connect the multimeter in SERIES with respect to the circuit to be able to measure the current. I consider this measurement as one of the most dangerous because you can also make some errors in the multimeter, for example, at the end of the test not turning it off and producing a short when you want to make another measurement.


To get the PDF course, you can download it below.


Multimeter - DMM
06 Mutimeter_DMM.pdf
PDF-Dokument [348.9 KB]

Programming with Arduino

Below you will find some hints and help how

to programm with Arduino.


The Arduino is relatively powerful and a very economical microcontroller that makes it possible to carry out pilot projects at low cost.


For this reason, we believe that Arduino programming is something necessary to awake the interest and creativity of the new generations. There are expert programmers who have made very advanced projects using only Arduino.


Another advantage of the Arduino is its C++ programming language, which is widely used. Finally, there are many users who even offer free libraries which further expands the application of the Arduino and hence reduce the programming efforts.


The application that TU Queretaro is looking for with the Arduino is the simulation of small HiL (Hardware In the Loop) where you can test the Software you want to release for a function or micro-controller. In this way you can make many functional tests long before finalizing the manufacture of a part that prentenda to have the Software in question.


Below is an Arduino tutorial in PDF including some examples. The fields covered in the tutorial are:


  • Main parts of the Arduino
  • Breadboard
  • Basic setup() and loop() programming structure.
  • Basic commands for input and output


The advantage of the PDF tutorial is that examples are included and thus it is easier to understand the application.


Programming with Arduino - Tutorial
07 Arduino Tutorial.pdf
PDF-Dokument [909.8 KB]
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