First draft of the IATUQ's campus

Vehicle Dynamics

Within our teaching staff, we have Proffessors trained as race drivers in Germany. Some of them know the best testing tracks in Europe such as Nürburing, Nordschleife, SPA Francorchamps, Hockenheim, etc.

Test tracks in the campus of the IATUQ

Middle and long term plan is to count with a test track inside the campus of the IATUQ. We would begin with a vehicle dynamics area for special maneuvers such as slalom, moderate and severe lane change, over and understeering, roll and yaw stability. The track can be equipped with pylons to simulate the moose test and a short test track with curves. Afterwards the plan is to build a limit handling track with high mu for training and subjective evaluation. Last stage is the wet handling track similar to Michelin in Ladoux or Contidrom in Germany.

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